T1 Stand Delivery Robot

T1 Stand Delivery Robot is the commercial delivery robot makes an accurate indoor delivery of dishes, fruits and other item for commercial purposes. The robot has 3 trays, payload 30 kg. that can be served in 3 place contiuously. The T1 robot can bring more success to your business.

T2 Square Delivery Robot

T2 Square Delivery Robot is the accurate delivery and improve the productivity and Lower the labor costs. Customizable racks and doors. Customizable for lockers, coolers and heaters. Up to 40 kg carrying capacity Up to 40 kg carrying capacity up to 40 kg carrying capacity

T5 Delivery Robot

T5 Delivery Robot is accurate delivery and transport materials robot. Automatic obstatacle avoidance. The robot has 4 trays, payload 40 kg that can be served continuously. The T5 robot can be good tool to help your company. the T5 robot can be good tool to help your company. 


G1 Guiding Robot

The commercial guiding robot is the best partner to lead an accurate way for every customer. The machine vision and deep visual recognition technologies are applied to guarantee precise obstacle avoidance. Autonimous and accurate path planing and navigation

G2 Advertising and Guiding Robot

The advertising and guiding robot is fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology by integrateing multi sensor. G2 robot has a 21.5 ” double-sided hight resolution advertising screen with large size, which can publish information like notice, video, advertisment, anything you want.


W1 Hotel Robot

The hotel delivery robot is specially for room delivery service. The W1 robot can reach the elevator, take the lift, send to the door, make a phone call to the quest and complete delivery order. Single cargo capacity, capacity 10 kg.

W2 Hotel Robot

Autonomous guiding and accurate room delivery services. Smart robot to take the lift and make the call. Auto charging and long working hours. Double big cargo, capacity 20 kg  Auto charging and long working hours. Double


has an excellent and deep understanding about our products as well as customer needs. We therefore only select high quality assembly tools that are well-recognized and widely used.

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Assemble projects faster and more accurate

Quality products

Reduce energy-associated costs

Eliminate down time

Provided with long-term maintenance service

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