Ergonomic tool balancer arm  Solution

3ARM® the right and efficient industrial ergonomic articulating arm solution to hold any kind of hand held power tool and different application devices. 3ARM range offers zero gravity balancing through its accurate pneumatic balancer system, high weight load capacity, pneumatic and manual work positioners, torque reaction arm, many heads and attachements, and a wide range of supports to make easy the handling of the equipment and achieve any working area.

  • Allows for the full-range of motion required to complete any task efficiently and safety.
  • Permits workers use heavy motor tools more accuracy.
  • Eliminates the tool weight, providing not only ergonomic benefit, but also increasing the productivity.
  • reduces operator fatigue and the chance of injury due to strain.
  • will hold any tool up to 35 kg / 77 lbs., keeping the tools in gravity position, while eliminating damage caused by dropping the tool.
  • Final inspection
  • Assembly parts
  • Etc.

Robotics Assembly Solution

Robotics Assembly Solution for high-speed precision assembly and small part handling including high-performance

  • Pick and Place
  • Screw Feeding & Tightening
  • Adhesive Sealing
  • Vision Checking
  • Pressing
  • Final inspection
  • Assembly parts
  • Etc.

Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots (cobots) are flexible and easy to program robots that work alongside with operator without safety fencing and guarding. Collaborative Robots are robots intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace with low-cost, easy-to-deploy robots that improve quality and increase manufacturing efficiency.
TM robot has built-in intelligent vision system which provides totem pairing, object position, bar code identification, color differentiation, and other vision functions. With built-in vision system and its advanced features, TM’s robot is the smartest and most easy-to-use with its safety settings according to the work environment and robot will stop moving automatically while detecting the collision to protect user safety.
Our Robot offers quality features:

  • Smart
  • Simple
  • Save
  • Spec


Robots and automatic control assembly machines have recently started to play an important role in industrial technology. Robotic assembly solutions allow high speed, flexible and configurable solutions for many assembly and handling operations. Robotic Assembly solution is a flexible solution that can replace manual labor and so allow production running costs to be reduced. Further benefits of robotic assembly operations can be quality assured and checked automatically this being fit to many production environments.

The benefits our customers will receive

Reduce any risks that may occur in the production line

Safely working with workers

Decrease production costs

ROI in short term

Fast, accurate, time-saving and unlimited potential

Safely Handle Complex and Dangerous Tasks