The SMD10 combines the demand for a cost-efficient control with the advantages of modern electrical nutrunner technology

Pneumatic nutrunners are still used frequently for many tightening tasks. However, increased demands on quality and assembly process safety and reliability have lead to an increased interest in high-tech EC nutrunner technology. The SMD10 nutrunner control was developed for just this purpose.

All nutrunning tools for the SMD10 are equipped with torque sensors and also store the rotation angle. The SMD10 pro-vides, therefore, precision torque with consistent quality. By storing the rotation angle, the control monitors whether or not the specified torque is actually being applied to the bolted assembly. In addition, the tool’s current consumption, equivalent to the torque, is used as a redundant control variable. By doing this, all requirements for safe, reliable, and high-quality bolted assemblies are met by the SMD10.


The SMX10 is a powerful nutrunner control for fastening processes which require documentation. Nutrunner data and graphs are transferred to higher order quality assurance systems over the Ethernet interface

The SMX10 offers the same nutrunning features as the SMX30, without an integrated PC.It was developed especially for use in networks and is generally driven as a “slave” component. An Ethernet interface provides communication capabilities with a plant’s master control (e.g., PC) or an SMX30.

In slave mode, the SMX10 receives program requirements from a master, based on target data that is either stored locally or downloaded from a host computer. These are then processed by the SMX10 in a self-sufficient manner. After each fastening operation, rundown results and graphs are reported back to the master.

In addition to torque, and angle-controlled standard fastening processes, expanded nutrunning and monitoring functions, such as yield point tightening, retrospective monitoring, and friction measurements are available with the SMX 10. Nutrunning processes can include a number of individual steps, e.g. user-programmable automatic loosening in case of NOK results, repeated program steps, or program abort in case of NOK.


The SMX20 is a high-end control in compact design without touch display

The SMX20 is a high-end nutrunner control, which can handle more extensive tasks than just controlling the fastening process. The use of a PC in 3.5” format enables unlimited functionality.

The SMX20 offers the same fastening and cycle functions as our other Master controls (SMX30, SMXP). However, the SMX20 does not have an integrated display. The SMX20 was developed specifically for applications which do not require a graphic display.

This might be the case, for example, if a control is not located within the worker’s field of vision or if visualisation units at the customer’s will be used.


The integrated PC in the SMX30 makes this control a genuine high-end product, for which practically no limits are placed on functional scope and expansion possibilities

The SMX30 PC does not require a hard disk, resulting in more advanced functionality when compared to traditional nutrunner controls. For example, it is possible to directly connect this control to the customer’s data processing system.

The SMX30 offers programming capabilities for complex nutrunning processes. All torqueand angle-based algorithms are available as base modules. These modules, along with additional commands for process control, can be linked with a user-friendly parameter software to create complex nutrunning processes. Conditional program statements can be based on rundown results, which enable, for example, loosening operations with or without repeated nutrunning. In addition, the control offers advanced nutrunning and monitoring processes, such as yield control, retrospective nutrunning monitor, and friction measurement. Rundown results can be stored locally or uploaded to a host computer.

It is possible to create a local, cost-effective nutrunning network with the SMX30. Up to nine SMX10 nutrunner controls can be linked via Ethernet to an SMX30. The SMX30 also functions in this case as a master control, communicating with customer systems, e.g., conveyor control system or host computer, and coordinates all connected SMX10 slaves.


Demands on professional operation and visualisation have significantly risen over the past years. Therefore the nutrunner controls system will be equipped with a 10.4″ touch screen display

As a result the SMX40 offers completely new possibilities for the ergonomical display of information. Due to the low depth of the enclosure of only 205mm, the nutrunner controls system is ideally suited for direct installation at the assembly line. The worker has direct contact with the nutrunner controls and will receive information at the display comfortably and fast. Measuring during production has confirmed the desired effect – due to considerably improved operation and visualisation the productivity of the worker increases leading to steady cost savings.


With multi-channel assembly systems, the design of the controls as a control panel is frequently the best solution for saving space.

The SMXP control allows for the construction of multichannel controls in a control panel.

An industrial PC for the master functions and one tightening module per fastening channel form the basis of the SMXP system. The master PC coordinates the connected tightening modules and forms the external interface. Through the master PC, the communication possibilities of the SMXP control are nearly unlimited. Interfaces like Ethernet, field bus, RS232, RS485 and USB are available.


With controls from AMT, it is possible to fulfill all specifications from our customers. A modular system architecture allows for individual solutions even for the most complex of demands. We always place great value on the high user-interface of the software.

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